Hello world!

I am pleased to welcome you to this blog that will focus on mental wellness. My name is Diane, and I am a Certified Mental Health Peer Support Specialist. My purpose for the establishment of this blog is to educate, mentor, share, provide resources, in support of mental wellness and a better quality of life.

This blog is your place to read, comment, and share your mental wellness challenges. The education, mentoring,  resources and links here provide valuable assistance to others. This information is a firm foundation of helping others in the depths of feeling helpless. The purpose is to affirm that there is hope, which is the mainstay of living with mental wellness challenges. This blog is a way to counter stigma, misunderstanding, and discrimination against those, who continue to experience emotional and behavioral instability.

If you are willing to do so, please share your stories, experiences, and hope with one another here.

We can help each other, because we ARE the experts!

Carpe Diem!